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Fathers Day Halo Mug

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Stuck for Father’s Day gift ideas? This year, why not treat your dad to something special. From a hand-decorated mug to drink his favourite coffee to striking cast iron cookware to showcase his signature dishes we have something that he’ll love.

The Bridal Gift Guide: Monsoon x Denby

Putting together your wedding gift list is an exciting process, and enables you to select both beautiful and functional gifts that will become key aspects of your new marital life. Combining feminine and elegant design and our ceramics expertise, the Monsoon x Denby ranges showcase a stunning collection of statement tableware. The fine china and porcelain ceramics are lighter in feel than Denby stoneware but still robust and versatile. Each features distinctive decorative patterns from the Monsoon fashion textile archive, reinterpreted to create a stylish and contemporary feel. Choose vibrant or calm or mix your styles for a table with impact then add matching glassware, placemats, coasters and accessories to complete the look or create a thoughtful gift. Find a range that suits you below. Calm Collections Lucille Gold A 1950s lace inspired delicate gold pattern for an elegant look. Filigree Silver Shimmering silver on soft cream fine china for a range with longevity and class. Keep it Casual Gather Soft muted tones of grey, pink, blue and green paired with a stunning relief texture …

Create Hand-Printed Wrapping Paper

Personalise your wrapping paper so that the wrap is as much as a gift as the present. A slightly more advanced make but very straight forward and satisfying once you’ve got the knack.   You will need: •    Speedball Speedy Carve rubber (or simply a large, flat eraser works too!) •    A craft knife •    A lino cutter (you can purchase these very cheaply from art and craft shops) •    A Pencil and paper •    An ink pad in your chosen colour •    A roll of Kraft paper   Have a think about your design – keep it simple. We simply drew around a glass to get two over lapping circles then only cut out half of each to get this modern shape. Cut around your shape carefully using the knife and then using the lino cutter, carve away the areas you don’t want to print. Bring the stamp pad to your stamp and dab all over to ensure the whole surface is covered with ink. Stamp away! You may want to line up the …