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Sourdough Making in Cast Iron

How to Make Sourdough with Hungry Anja

I’m Anja behind @hungry_anja and I’ll guide you through how to make sourdough with this baking checklist. When starting your sourdough journey, you might find it confusing to navigate through all of the information including different timings and methods, and that’s exactly why I have created this simple checklist to make this learning process as straightforward as possible. For the Starter: I work with white flour starter and I always keep approximately 50g of starter in the fridge. This way I don’t have much sourdough discard and I don’t have to worry about feeding my starter daily. For example, if I want to bake on Saturday morning I will take the starter out of the fridge on Friday, feed it with 50g white flour and 50g water, leave it at room temp for approx. 6-8hours until it doubles and passes the float test. For the Dough: 8am – get your starter from the fridge and feed it, leave at room temperature until it doubles. 6-8hours should be more then enough but it all depends on …