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Handmade Tea Bags

Treat someone you care about to these useful, pretty and practical tea bags. Easy to make, these handmade tea bags make a thoughtful and considered gift whether you want to say thank you, wish them a happy birthday or simply show you’re thinking of them.

What You’ll Need

Food grade muslin cut into squares of approx 12 x 12cm
Loose leaf tea (we used chamomile, jasmine pearls and some warming spices)
Embroidery thread or thin thread
Paper of your choice for message tags
A little tape
A stapler


How To

Step 1
Place approximately 1.5 teaspoons of tea onto the middle of one of your muslin squares.


Step 2
Bring the opposite corners of the muslin together. Tie with your silk or thread – around 20cm is a good length.


Step 3
Fold your paper in half to make the tags. It’s a good idea to stick the thread into the inside of the tag with some tape before stapling securely at the top.


Step 4
Finally, write a lovely message on the tag and gift them in a beautiful Denby mug.


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