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Spring Plant Gift

A thoughtful gift to brighten up their home this Mother’s Day. Add her favourite seasonal blooms for a personalised touch.

Step 1

To create this gift you’ll need a small vase or plant pot, spring bulbs, soil, mini gardening tools, gardeners twine and a basket to present them in.

Modus mothers day planting step 01.tif_63500

Step 2

Use the mini trowel to add soil and your spring bulbs to the vase. We have used grape hyacinths which are easy to maintain and bloom beautifully in the Spring.

Step 3

Place all your items in a gift basket and personalise with a handwritten name tag.

Modus mothers day planting step 04.tif_63503

To recreate the look, shop our hand thrown Modus Walnut Vase here.

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