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Diwali Inspiration

The season of entertaining has begun! With Diwali around the corner we have put together 5 ways to create a beautiful space for you and your guests to enjoy over the festive season. 

Keep it colourful

Decorative tableware can be a great way to add a pop of colour to your home. Inspired by Indian and Moroccan tilework, our Monsoon Mandala pattern is striking and combines a rich luxurious palette of deep teal, rich amber and warm metallics, incorporating beautiful golds.

The Mandala was derived from India and it captures the beauty of the world. In Sanskrit it means “circle” which is representative of spirituality and the connection our body and mind have with the outside world, which makes it perfect for creating a relaxed ambience.

Denby Conscious Christmas Monsoon Mandala Group 05.tif_60488.jpg

Tasty Dishes

Diwali is a time for celebration and enjoying delicious food with close ones.

Food blogger, Sandhya Hariharan has shared her favourite sweet and savoury recipe for the festive season, click below to try one this weekend.

Chiroti (1 of 2)


Farsi Puri (2 of 2)


Light up your table

As Diwali is the ‘festival of lights’, use candles of different sizes or fairy lights to brighten up any dark spaces and add an element of warmth to the room.


Finishing touches

Add accents such as woven baskets, colourful linens and flowers to really bring your table to life. Accessories are an effective way to transform a room and can make mealtimes more interesting and visually appealing.

Despite its delicate and highly decorative appearance, Mandala is practical and durable and suits every dining occasion. It also creates a warm welcome for those coming into your home.

Monsoon Mandala Small Mugs Group 01.tif_60066

Give thoughtful gifts

Create a truly thoughtful gift for your host by delivering a personal gift basket with their favourite sweet treats and fragrant teas. Serve on a Monsoon Mandala platter, leaving them with a special keepsake at the end of the evening.

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