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How to Create a Timeless Interior Moodboard

As part of our Conscious Choice campaign, we recorded our first ever podcast with BuyMeOnce founder, Tara Button, a website that promotes long-lasting products with the goal to eliminate our ‘throwaway culture.’ In the podcast, Tara talks about living sustainably and how creating a moodboard is an inspirational way to find out what style works for you long-term and therefore leads to a more mindful purchase. 

Tara has shared her own moodboard with us as below. It features a mixture of french bedroom and country cottage interiors, with a focus on natural and classic colours. Natural Canvas is the perfect collection for those who prefer a more neutral aesthetic. An ideal choice for those wanting something timeless yet interesting with it’s textured accent pieces.


Pinterest -Tara  Button.jpg

Tara says: “Investing in more classic pieces and mixing them with vintage pieces you already have, that’s a way of building up a collection that has long term staying power.”

Denby Natural Canvas chevron 06_49825

For cool and calm interiors, Studio Blue is the ideal collection. Soothing shades of chalk, pebble, flint and cobalt create a serene and relaxed space. Pair blue ceramics with warm woods to create an effortless look in the home.

Denby location234423.tif_51309

If your home has a rustic feel Studio Craft combines four tonal glazes in rich wood-inspired hues on earthy informal shapes which gives a warm feel to your home. Bring the colours of autumn to your table by pairing Studio Craft with bold linens in burnt orange or deep red.

Studio Craft Overhead_57657

Each Denby collection has been carefully hand-crafted  to create beautiful and durable pieces that are versatile and can be used around the home.

“Remember that the most eco-friendly objects are the objects that you already own because nothing new had to be made so don’t go chucking out all of your stuff to replace it with eco-friendly things because it’s a complete anathema but I think it’s great to mix and match your old things with other pieces from a Denby collection because they are so steeped in history and they have such a timeless appeal that you know that you are not going to end up in a situation where it’s out of style.”

Creating Your Own Moodboard

By observing real life and interior trends our designers and craftspeople gain ideas for shape, colour and glazes are developed and handed over to our factory craftspeople to bring to life.

Inspired to create your own? Tara suggests 3 steps to build a classic and timeless moodboard that reflects you and your home.

  1. “Go through magazines; and for the first 10 minutes just look at the colour schemes and the colours that pop out to you and make a note of them
  2. Next look at texture and patterns, pull off pictures and put them all in the same place
  3. Then look at era and style and throughout that process you get a real overarching sense of what you like.”

Check out our Pinterest board for some ideas here.

To download our first podcast with Tara Button, click here.



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