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Buy For The Life You Have

Our Conscious Choice campaign focuses on living a more sustainable lifestyle and when it comes to making a purchase, investing in quality pieces that are made to last.

We have partnered with BuyMeOnce founder, Tara Button on this campaign to share simple tips and swaps to live more mindfully without having to change your daily routine.

Tara’s second tip from our series on buying more consciously looks at on ‘Buying for the life you have.’

Tara says: “Before investing in new tableware or any homeware, think about what you really need. By making more conscious choices, you’re helping to look after the planet too. What are the essential pieces that you use every day? For me, it’s a pasta bowl as I can use it for practically every meal whether that’s salad, pasta, rice or dessert.”

When you make your next purchase, consider your daily habits and what pieces could be used everyday.

Our nesting bowls are beautiful yet functional and are designed to suit every meal time. From a delicious lunchtime salad to a warming curry dish, nesting bowls are perfectly practical for everyday.

Studio Blue Overhead 04.tif_52566

Looking to freshen up your tableware but don’t want to invest in a whole new collection?

Mixing and matching pieces can be a great way to incorporate new while still using your old tableware. Contrasting colours, textures and patterns isa great way to make your table stand out.

Build a collection that is personalised, pair simple plates with striking serving dishes to

Add some texture to your table with our Studio Blue Ridged Bowls. Perfect for laid-back entertaining or used as a serving dish at a family dinner.

Combine the soothing shades of Studio Blue with richer glazes like Imperial Blue to create a striking collection.

Blue Story overhead.tif_59230

For your older Denby ceramics, get creative and reuse them elsewhere around the home.

Mugs can hold anything from small plants and stationary to your toothbrush. Fill a large jug with seasonal flowers or use to store your utensils in the kitchen.

Denby Not Just For Tea Plants 492.tif_56991.jpg

These thoughtful ways to use your tableware all work together to create a more sustainable home.

Each Denby collection has been carefully hand-crafted  to create versatile, beautiful and durable pieces that are truly styled by life.






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