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The Conscious Choice

The conversation around sustainability is becoming more widespread with people looking to change the way they live and shop for the better. For example, Pinterest listed sustainable living as one of their most searched for themes in 2019.  By making a few sustainable swaps we can help to make a difference to our planet.

We have partnered with Tara Button to launch our Conscious Choice campaign which focuses on introducing small changes for more sustainable living and interiors.

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Tara is the author behind “A Life Less Throwaway” and founder of BuyMeOnce, a website that promotes long-lasting products with the goal to eliminate our throwaway culture.

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing a series of tips that Tara has created to highlight simple steps we can take to make more conscious choices within the home.

Just like fashion, interior trends are constantly changing and it has become easier to buy products that will no longer be ‘on-trend’ in a couple of months and steer away from high-quality investment pieces.

With this new conscious mindset, making a considered purchase and using products that will last a lifetime has become more important than ever.

As a champion for a lifestyle using long-lasting and sustainable products Tara says, “I love Denby because of their Styled By Life mantra. Their ceramics are beautiful, durable and versatile and are designed for real life and real people.”

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Our curated collections are handcrafted in Derbyshire using locally sourced clay, with each piece passing through 20 pairs of hands as our talented designers and craftspeople bring our ceramics and homeware to life.

Read more about our conscious campaign here.

We have recorded our first podcast with Tara Button to talk more about sustainability and mindful living, download the podcast here.


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