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Artisan Father’s Day Gift

Create a personalised bowl for Father’s Day that includes all the ingredients for his favourite recipe.

What you’ll need

  • Denby large bowl (we used a Studio Grey ridged bowl)
  • Denby oil bottle
  • A selection of his favourite ingredients
  • Olive Oil
  • Re-usable shopping bag

Step by step

Gather together all of his favourite ingredients. Our simple Italian themed bowl, has homegrown tomatoes, onions, garlic and fresh basil.

Studio Grey Fathers Day Making 01.tif_59354

Decant some extra special olive oil into a Denby oil bottle or maybe create your own unique dressing.

Studio Grey Fathers Day Making 02.tif_59355

Place the oil bottle in the middle of the large serving bowl and surround it with everything he needs to make a delicious family meal.

Studio Grey Fathers Day Making 03.tif_59356 (2)

Write a lovely message on the tag, pop in a card and re-use the string bag for a thoughtful and considered Father’s day gift.

Studio Grey Fathers Day Making 04.tif_59357

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