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How to use your Coffee Dripper

The Coffee Dripper is an easy to use coffee-making method that brings out the cleanest flavour from your coffee. The dripper is ‘V’ shaped with cleverly designed angles for the perfect brew. The 60° angle allows water to flow through the coffee producing an evenly extracted cup of coffee. Crafted from hardy stoneware, the Coffee Dripper also helps to achieve maximum heat retention compared to other ceramic alternatives.

You can use it over a single cup to make one coffee, or on top of a jug to brew up to two coffees at a time. A simple pour-over process, it’s mess-free and the filter and coffee grounds are compostable.

Create the perfect cup of coffee in 4 simple steps using our beginner’s guide below.

Step 1
You will need:

  • Denby Coffee Dripper
  • 2 Cups / 1 Large mug
  • 2 Cup Filter paper
  • Kettle
  • Water
  • Ground coffee of your choice, 1 tbsp to every 100-150ml of water.

Step 1

Step 2
Place the Coffee Dripper on top of your cup, open up your filter paper and place inside.

Step 2

Step 3
Add the ground coffee into the centre of your filter cone.

Step 4

Step 4
Slowly pour hot water over the coffee at regular intervals to allow the coffee to brew.

Step 5

Serve to taste and enjoy a smooth, mess-free coffee.

Step 6

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