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Brew: Tea & Coffee

Our newest collection offer a range of tea and coffee making, serving and drinking essentials to elevate your brews beyond the ordinary.

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Cleverly designed pieces covering the spectrum of the large morning cuppa to the art- form of your favourite blend in a slow-filtered coffee or just sharing good times around a freshly made pot with friends, Denby’s ‘Brew’ collections are versatile, beautiful and durable.

With so many tea and coffee options now available both in and out of home, the hot drink revolution allows us to span the spectrum of the quick cuppa in a mug to a relaxed extended ritual enjoyed in the company of friends. Brewing speciality teas and coffees has become somewhat of an art-form or at least a chance to make the most of such a wide choice depending on your mood or occasion, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

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For coffee lovers our Cafetiere allows you to explore your favourite coffee bean in the classic ‘French press’ style, our new Coffee Dripper is designed to sit over the Medium Jug or directly into a large mug for a slow, clean coffee which minimises the mess of coffee grounds, and the wide selection of Cups and Mugs cover the coffee menu spectrum of espresso to latte and are designed to fit underneath most modern coffee machines.

If tea is your passion, our smaller one to two-person Teapot comes complete with an integral strainer for loose tea whether it’s Oolong, healthy Green or a classic English Breakfast teabag and our range of Mugs and Cups are all made from our Derbyshire stoneware which boasts heat retention properties which are great for serving tea perfectly.


As always with Denby, versatility is designed in, so you can use your Cafetiere as a vase for flowers, a Cup as a planter, a Saucer as a trinket plate or a Mug for baking a cupcake making our new Brew collection super useful and great for gifting.

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