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Create a Christmas Cheeseboard Gift

This is a great gift for a dinner party since it looks so impressive and yet is very easy to create.  Guests can tuck straight into the cheese and biscuits and then the host gets a beautiful Denby platter at the end.  Perfect!

You will need:

•    A Studio Blue platter
•    A selection of interesting cheeses (an organic cheddar, an unusual blue cheese or perhaps an aged brie)
•    A selection of artisan crackers and biscuits
•    Roll of cellophane wrap
•    Ribbon, twine, gift tags
•    Scissors

Gather together your materials and your cheeses / biscuits. You don’t have to go to a posh delicatessen; you can buy supermarket cheeses and simply unwrap for prettier presentation.
Put your platter onto of at the cellophane so that you have enough to pull up and around the finished platter. Arrange your elements on the platter. You may want to tie bundles of crackers together with bakers twine or drizzle a little honey and thyme onto one or two of the cheeses.
Pull the cellophane up to the top of the board making sure it’s secure but leaving enough room for your recipient to see what’s on the board.
Tie a lovely big ribbon around the gathered cellophane and add a gift tag, ready to take to your party!

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