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Create a Christmas Biscuits Gift

A very economical but heartwarming gift that will mean so much more than a packet of shop bought biscuits!

You will need:

•    Ingredients for your Christmas biscuits
•    A cookie cutter
•    A cut crystal glass
•    A cellophane treat bag
•    A short piece of ribbon
•    A gift tag
•    And not forgetting, a lovely Denby mug

Roll out your biscuit dough until it is about 1.5cm thick.
Cut out your biscuits using a cookie cutter with a pretty edge. Using a crystal glass with a design that is also featured on the base (you could easily forage one from a charity shop), imprint the design onto each biscuit. Be firm but gentle.
Bake the biscuits and enjoy the Christmassy smell whilst sitting back with a hot mug of tea. Once baked, allow them to cool fully.
Take a Denby mug and insert a cellophane bag into it. Then pile in your biscuits. Finish with a ribbon (you only need a little so you could recycle off cuts) and a handwritten gift tag.

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