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How to Style a Blooming Brunch with That Flower Shop

To showcase our new Monsoon Fleur range, Hattie Fox, founder of the stylish London florist, That Flower Shop, has created some stunning floral centerpieces for us, inspired by Fleur’s cobalt blue colour and delicate silver decoration.

The floral displays featuring roses, peonies and ranunculus, reflect the romantic design of Monsoon Fleur. Here floral expert Hattie Fox shares some helpful tips on how to create beautiful blooms in your own home.


First steps: A vase or shallow dish like a bowl from the Monsoon Fleur collection makes the ideal starting point for a floral centrepiece perfect for a ‘Blooming Brunch’ – from there, chicken wire acts as an anchor for the flowers.

Building a structure: Create an initial framework with long, linear flowers such as delphiniums. Place them in the centre pointing upwards and at the lowest edges, pointing outwards. Using longer flowers as a guide fill in the gaps with small clusters of blooms. Group flowers together by colour shades, in tiers as they get closer to the centre – bluebells and cornflowers complement the cobalt blues of the Monsoon Fleur collection.


Creating depth: Once the vase is three quarters full, start to position the larger headed flowers, such as roses, peonies and ranunculus towards the lip of the vase, slightly off centre. A larger flower next to a smaller headed bloom creates better depth in a floral centrepiece.

Final flowers: Add trailing species such as jasmine or clematis last to ensure that they’re not lost in the display. These flowers look best towards the sides of a centrepiece and be sure to take advantage of the creeping nature of the plant.


Greenery: Use foliage to hide chicken wire and fill in gaps between the different flowers. Be careful to cut greenery a little lower than the blooms, so it doesn’t dominate the display or overpower the flowers.

Hattie also created the blooms for a recent Monsoon Fleur themed brunch with fashion blogger, Stylist and the Wardrobe, get inspired and read more about this here.

Inspired by a pattern taken from Monsoon’s fabric archive, the fine line-work on Fleur has been reinterpreted by our Design team here in Derbyshire to create a beautiful floral design and introduce a touch of glamour and femininity.

Delicate in design and appearance but made to last from durable china, the pieces can be used in the oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer.

Shop Monsoon Fleur here.

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