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BBQ Essentials

One of the best summer activities is to have a BBQ. Especially as it’s National BBQ Week this week, this is your chance to get outside and cook up your favourite foods over the coals.

Choose a selection of meats and make sure that you have lots of vegetables and sides to complement. Your sides could include potato salad, a simple green salad with plenty of dressing, coleslaw or corn on the cob.


We’ve put together an essential list of everything that you will need to ensure that your BBQ goes smoothly:

A quality set of tongs such as our Black Silicon Tongs are essential to move your BBQ pieces around safely.

A must-have for any BBQ, the New Easygrip 4.5″ Multi Purpose Knife can be used for preparing your meat.

Use a mix of our new Azure Haze Small and Medium Coupe Plates as these are the perfect portion size for a BBQ.


The colour of the Azure Haze Coupe Cereal Bowls and Pasta Bowls will guarantee a bright and modern tablesetting with their beautiful two-tone glazes. You can never have enough bowls, especially when having a BBQ. Fill these multi-use bowls with salad, tomatoes, vegetables and pasta dishes.

The Wooden Chop & Serve Board is great for transferring meat straight onto after cooking, especially if it needs to rest before it’s served.

Our Heritage Pavilion Large Rectangular Oven Dish is the perfect dish to serve both meat and vegetables. It can also be used in the oven to warm up your meat, should the British weather take hold and the skies begin to pour!


If you’re serving fish, cook it over the BBQ in one of our Cast Iron Griddle Pans to keep it separate from your meat. You can also use a Casserole Dish for making other accompanying dishes such as barbecue baked beans, chilli or for your sweet desserts – all safely on top of your BBQ!

Set out our Natural Canvas 4 Piece Nesting Bowl Set which can easily hold salads, olives and dips. They are neutral in colour so can be stylishly integrated with your current tableware.

Platters are highly versatile and can be used for holding meat and vegetables. They are also a great size for skewers. Try the Always Entertaining Deli 2 Piece Small Rectangular Platter Set for a refreshing pop of colour.


Finally, pre-prepare a delicious cocktail and mocktail in a jug similar to the Bormioli Barware Glass Jug (for inspiration see our latest cocktail and mocktail recipe here) and serve up in the Natural Canvas Red Wine Glasses.

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