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How to Create a Mindful Kitchen

As mindfulness continues to influence interior design, we’ve teamed up with interior designers, Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead of 2LG Studio to launch our latest collection, Studio Blue and inspire others to give their homes a mindful refresh, beginning with a calming kitchen. Jordan and Russell commented:

“Denby has been part of the material of our homes for many years and blue is a passion for us too, so when we saw the new Studio Blue collection it felt like it was made for us. Blue tones feature heavily in all of our design work as we really recognise their calming effect when creating an interior space. Craftsmanship is also important to the way we live now and we appreciate the uniqueness of each piece within the Studio Blue collection – the tonal glazes really show the touch of the maker.”


Studio Blue is our new hand-crafted collection of ceramics. It has been carefully produced by skilled our artisans, using techniques perfected over 200 years to ensure each unique piece lasts for years to come.

The beautiful and calming blue tones of Studio Blue are inspired by the colours and textures of stones and minerals, helping to create a more serene space at home through a greater connection to a natural aesthetic.


Made for living and styled by life, Studio Blue is designed with purpose, combining function and beauty to allow for a greater affinity with the kitchen and encourage us to embrace mindfulness at home.

Here are 2LG’s helpful styling tips for bringing mindfulness into your home:

Tip 1: Calm colours to soothe the spirit – Blue hues can help a complex and busy world feel simpler as this colour ignites a sense of calm. Pair blue ceramics with warm woods and natural linen for a palette that is both effortless and classic. Stacks of Studio Blue bowls and plates, in four natural tones, are both calming and pleasing on the eye.


Tip 2: Go green – Plants such as Aloe Vera and Peace Lillies purify air in the home while offering the opportunity to take your mind off yourself for a moment as you water and care for them. Use bowls and mugs to plant succulents and ferns, giving a coherence to the kitchen as a whole. You can even use a jug for watering and let it live next to the plants for ease.


Tip 3: Everything in its place – Make room for things to be put away and leave open shelves free to house only the most loved objects. Having the things you need to hand can help you create a mindful display that is both functional and beautiful. Jars of healthy pulses and wholegrains next to stacks of hand-crafted ceramics also remind you to look after yourself and your body.


Tip 4: Space for mindful moments – Creating a space in the home for mindful moments, with soft cushions and throws made from natural fibres, makes it easier to remember to allow that restful time. A nook by the window also connects you to the outdoors as you sip your warming green tea from your favourite mug.


Tip 5: Socialising is good for the soul – Have friends round and let yourself enjoy the occasion with them – don’t get stuck in the kitchen. Create sharing dishes, you’ll get to enjoy the conversation and they’ll feel more at home by serving themselves. A large wooden board creates a wonderful centrepiece for relaxed dining, while bowl food is perfect for more informal entertaining occasions.


Studio Blue is exclusively available to buy at most John Lewis stores and online here.

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