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Vintage Homemade Crackers

Our Christmas stylist, Laura North says “Making your own crackers this Christmas means that you can tailor your choice of paper and ribbon to work with your very own handmade Christmas scheme – not to mention ensuring everyone gets a decent present for once. No guarantees that the jokes will be any better though!”.


A cracker making kit or a printable template
Vintage wallpaper samples
A sharp craft knife or a small pair of scissors
Decorative stickers
Cracker presents / hats and jokes

1. Get yourself comfortable, pour yourself a bubbly drink and lay all of your materials out in front of you. Select your paper for your first cracker and glue the template to the back of the wallpaper. We used a kit from Berylune.

51524_Crackers 1.tif

2. Carefully cut around your template (using a cork mat) not forgetting notches you’ll need for folding your cracker.

51525_Crackers 2.tif

3. Once you’ve done all of your cutting, gently start curling round the cracker. Once you have an end section and your middle section tabs firmly in place you can fill it with goodies, gifts and, of course, party hats.

51526_Crackers 3.tif

4. Once filled, close your final tab at the end and tie the cracker with ribbon of your choice – we used gold for a bit of Christmas shimmer but a vintage or perhaps crochet ribbon will also look lovely. Add a decoration or a sticker to finish it off. Finally, proudly add to your Christmas table!

51527_Crackers 4.tif

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