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Vintage Homemade Paper Garlands

A perfect project for a cosy winter’s evening sat next to a roaring log fire with a mug of hot chocolate. These garlands are super simple but look very effective. Either strung up on your tree or draped around shelves, they will add that festive finishing touch.

A selection of paper and card – we used gold card and vintage wallpaper samples
A large circular punch
Glue (PVA or glue suitable for paper)
Thread or twine

1. Get yourself comfortable and lay all of your materials out in front of you. Don’t forget the mince pies! Select your papers for your garland. We used a Rico Punch (Paper Poetry) 38mm x 38mm available at most good craft and art shops.

51528_Garland 1.tif

2. Start punching, mixing up your papers as you go until you have a decent stack of circles. Around 200 circles (bearing in mind we’re sticking them back to back) will make a 5 metre garland.

51529_Garland 2a.tif

3. Keeping your thread on its reel, pull a manageable length out and lay it flat on the table. Lay a line of paper circles pattern face down under your thread approximately 5cm apart. Take another paper circle and add some glue to the back. Now sandwich the thread between your first face down circle and the top one with glue.

51532_Garland 3b.tif

4. Continue doing this with all of your circles until you have a 5 metre garland. Finally, sit back and admire your handwork.

51533_Garland 4a.tif (1)


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