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How to Style a Nostalgic Christmas Table

Not all Christmas tables need to look traditional, you can still achieve a festive look with modern accessories and nostalgic tones.

Here are 6 simple steps from our Christmas stylist, Laura North on how to create a nostalgic Christmas table.

1. Create your base. Start with placemats (or a tablecloth if you want to protect your table). This will form the base to your ‘design’ so pick your colours carefully. We sprayed cork mats with gold and copper spray paint in geometric patterns (simply mask off your design where you want the cork to show through and spray) and used natural toned napkins for that natural vintagey vibe.

2. Add some shine! We used gold cutlery for a special Christmassy but very on-trend touch, copper 70’s look candlesticks and mini tea light holders covered with retro prints. Add these at random around the table for a casual and non formal look. You can then add your glassware to each setting at the table.
51725_Denby Location Xmas234925.tif

3. Lay it out. Work out where all of your serving bowls and platters will go on the table so that you know you have enough room for everything to look ‘just so’. The Studio Craft collection mixed in with a little of our Natural Canvas range is perfect for the crafted retro feel.

51717_Christmas table 2.tif
4. Light it up…you can then entwine fairy lights across the length of the table. Battery powered ones work the best so that there are no trailing cables and we used copper wire style lights to continue the metallic theme. The battery packs are easily tucked behind a bowl or a candle.
51726_Denby Location Xmas234934.tif

5. Add homemade decorations such as cross stitch initial tags to each place setting or you can plant up succulents and airplants into little cups and arrange these around the table, a stylish addition and lovely for guests to take home with them too. Homemade crackers will add a true finishing touch to your table and since they are handmade you can ensure that they match your table scheme perfectly (and ensure everyone gets a gift too).

51723_Denby Location Xmas234917edit.tif
 6. Look up! Don’t forget it’s not just about the table top itself but can be about what’s above it too. We used a mix of copper, rust, brown and ivory paper honeycomb decorations and these can be hung with thread from the ceiling using removable sticky hooks. We also added a few glass terrarium baubles so that your airplants and succulents can hang alongside the paper decorations as well as adorn your table.
Finally, step back and admire your handiwork!

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