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Vintage Inspired Christmas Shelfie

In line with the recent trend for the #shelfie, we’ve put together steps on how to create the perfect Christmas shelf in your home.

From adding height and texture to using the wall to style your retro shelf, see the steps below, as devised by our Christmas stylist, Laura North.

1. Gather your favourite ceramic pieces on your preferred shelf. We’ve mixed our Studio Craft collection with a little bit of our Natural Canvas design to add a pop of Christmassy freshness.

51548_Shelfie 1.tif

2. Add some loved vintage finds that bring height, shine or texture. Don’t be afraid to mix old with new and have a think about how your eye moves over these pieces. If something is blocking the flow of what you see, have a little re-shuffle.

51549_Shelfie 2.tif

3. Now you can introduce some twinkling lights (best to do with only your larger pieces on the shelf so the lights don’t start snagging on the smaller objects). Layer in some smaller pieces, again considering contrasting textures but keeping an overall tone. Here we’ve gone for a vintage 70’s theme with lots of stoneware, coppers and walnuts.

51550_Shelfie 3.tif

4. And now for your finishing touches! Use retro looking paper garlands and honeycombs for some Christmas fun. Also add a few things to your shelf wall for interest – using beautifully patterned Washi tape to stick up postcards or pretty papers is a temporary way of adding some difference, and they will peel off without damage to your walls.

51551_Shelfie 4final.tif

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