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Instagram Magic by the @Meringuegirls

Food is the most shared thing on Instagram, and our Art of Entertaining Trend Report found that 45% of people think the way their food looks on a plate is just as important as how it tastes.

Thankfully, Instagram gurus the Meringue Girls have let us in on some of their secrets to catch the best shot. Read their top tips below:

Natural Lighting

There’s no need to splash out on fancy lighting gear because natural lighting is all you need. Cloudy days are actually the best days for shooting, as the light is softer and more even. Artificial light and flash creates shadows and can often make food look unappealing, so make sure you capture that shot before the sun goes down.


Background & Colour

We find that you can create the most Instagrammable shots by using a simple background with striking, standout tableware, or alternatively a colourful background with simple crockery. Either way, you’ll be letting the food speak for itself and not overwhelming with too many different patterns and textures in the background.

If you’re at home, have a look around at the different floorboards and bathroom tiles and you can always use them to style on. Marble, wooden chopping boards, and painted slats are our favourites.

Props for Scale

Smaller plates of food appear more elegant so don’t overcrowd the dish and always leave a clear wide rim. You can cleverly show scale (and draw the viewer in) by utilising props such as a hand holding a perfectly twirled pasta fork, a steaming hot coffee, or spoon about to dive into an enticing dessert.


Uneven Numbers

Even numbers create symmetry, but uneven numbers are much more interesting to the eye and allow viewers to explore the picture instead of scanning for symmetrical imperfections.


Decorate, Decorate, Decorate!

Use fresh and interesting ingredients to add colour, texture and excitement to the shot. A sprinkle of rose petals, a drizzle of yogurt or a curl of lemon zest add that extra something to a shot.



Certain foods require certain shots. The rules are: if the dish is built vertically, shoot from the side. If it’s flat, shoot from above. For example, thick burgers, gooey cheese toasties, and tall cakes require side angle shots, whereas individual portions of cheese on boards are much better overhead.



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