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The Rise of the Bowl

With the recent move away from processed foods and the rise of healthy eating, comes a new trend: the multi-functional bowl. Definitively versatile and wonderfully practical, the bowl appears to have taken over the plate as the leading crockery form.

This development may be due to the bowl’s capacity to offer its user a reliable source that can withstand any culinary concoction, whether it be salmon and rice or noodle soup. It appears that the bowl is now an integral element of the eating experience, adding to its appeal as well as its appearance.

Bowls not only provide a reliable eating surface, they also look wonderfully stylish. Whether piled high displayed within a kitchen cabinet or meticulously placed on the dining table, bowls now come in many shapes, sizes and colours which when combined, make for a certain stylish arrangement. In addition to this, mixing and matching can now be seen throughout current interiors. There is no longer an emphasis on perfectly matching tableware; if anything, this spontaneous look impacts the whole enjoyment and taste of cooking.

There is something rather comforting about eating from a bowl as well as preparing food that fits well within this container. In particular, lean meats, grains and vegetables lend themselves well to the curved shaping of the bowl.


Furthermore, there is no one must-have sized bowl, the focus is rather on the diversity of a family of bowls: the pasta bowl, the rice bowl and the noodle bowl. The way that such bowls fit so neatly into one another, is a great way of creating a chic and simple table layout. They can also be used for your appetisers through to desserts, making them a firm investment amongst your crockery collection.

Who ingenuously defined the perimeters of the bowl and confined its existence to the kitchen? The bowl is also an extraordinarily valuable piece to utilise within your home; try incorporating it into your living room décor, as a candle holder or for creating miniature floral arrangements. You can also introduce it into the bedroom, to hold bedside trinkets or as a minimalist container on your dressing table.

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