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Easter Hosting Tips by Anna Barnett

Cook and writer Anna Barnett has given us her top tips on stress-free hosting this Easter.

1. Mix it up and serve various sharing plates for everyone to help themselves as this creates a nice and relaxed atmosphere around the table.

2. Choose recipes that can be easily prepped ahead of time to ensure that you are relaxed as the guests arrive and not stuck in the kitchen prepping, cooking or washing up. Just before guests arrive, make the final touches to your table setting and pour the welcome drinks.


3. Makeup a batch of easily constructed canapés from filo pastry cups in advance. There are endless variations of fillings so you really can indulge on all of your favourite flavour combinations.

4. Keep your guests fed (but not full) by prepping delicious and flavoursome dips, pesto and tapenades along with platters of crudités before you bring out additional dishes.


5. Lastly, make sure that you have lots of options for your vegetarian guests and a delicious dessert to finish.

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